Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It wasn't sausage gravy, rather a peanut butter sandwich

This from the ever witty blog loyalist Alan Tucker:

"You haven't written a new blog entry for almost three weeks. Hell, even Anne Frank found something to write about on a slow day. So if you can't think of anything else, at least jot down what you had for lunch. "Sausage and gravy" is better than blank space."

With such strong encouragement, how could I not blog?

The NBA coaching carousel is starting to spin and the Cavaliers are still interviewing new candidates as you can read in my story from today about Indiana Pacers assistant Mike Brown. Last week there was a little dust up about Kiki Vandeweghe and Chuck Daly, which I had to address.

But I still think the Cavs are just spinning their wheels waiting to get an answer from Larry Brown. Just about the whole NBA knows that Brown will retire from coaching at the end of the season, due to health problems and because it's time to leave Detroit. Whether or not the Cavs can convince him to be their top man is yet to be seen.

"Larry loves to be romanced," one NBA executive told me.

"I talk to everyone in the organization and nobody seems to know what's the plan is, except they all expect us to go after Larry Brown," one Cavaliers official told me.

So it is my current belief that all of this will be a wait and see until after the playoffs are over. If you read my story from today, the word out there is that the Cavs want to stay cheap on their head coach and perhaps GM so they can throw a lot of money at a president (the role Pat Riley has in Miami, Larry Bird has in Indy and Danny Ainge does in Boston to name a few). It seems like that's where Brown could come in. I don't think they officially hire a GM or coach until that is all settled, but I could be wrong.

This is really a three-ring circus for me right now. There's the coach, the front office and LeBron James firing his agent. Speaking of that, I wouldn't pass judgment on LeBron's decision to fire Aaron Goodwin, a man I personally respect, until we know exactly what his intentions are. That will become clear (hopefully to me so I can tell all of you) in the next two months.

I'm working to sort all this stuff out and I'll be in touch.

On a personal note, I'm finally home for awhile after my season-ending travels. I visited Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Denver and various points in Colorado, Boston, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas and Death Valley, CA. It was a nice relaxing ride, even though I was almost constantly on my toes concerning the Cavs.

Also, for housekeeping purposes, I'm told by the folks at Ohio.com that all of Akron Beacon Journal blogs are soon to move to another host site. I know this is going to be a pain, it will be to me as well. I'm not sure of the timetable, but I'll keep you informed.

Take care,

p.s. On a personal note, I'd like to wish my close friend Jon Wile luck this week as he starts his new job at the Washington Post. If any of you subscribe to the Cleveland Plain Dealer (if you must), Jon was responsible for the great designs on the sports page over the last two years. He'll now be doing it for the folks in D.C.