Saturday, February 26, 2005

We get letters

Indianapolis--OK, Cavs got drilled by Pacers tonight, 105-82. Total blowout and a joke. Paul Silas ripped the team in the locker room after the game. Head to to check out my stories.

I will forget about it for the moment because I've seen this several other times this season, especially at Chicago, at San Antonio, and at Sacramento. We'll see if what I saw tonight becomes a trend.

For now, more viewer mail.

"I'm looking forward to reading your Cedric the Entertainer story.
I'm assuming it involves the two of you doing battle with Star Jones
for the last corned beef sandwich at the press table. Even if it doesn't,
embellish it. Remember the rule of thumb they taught you at Kent State:
Celebrity stories are always a lot funnier if they involve Star Jones, food and a fistfight." --Alan Tucker.

BW: OK, the All-Star stories got buried in the computer problems and the trade deadline. I'm using my brand new computer by the way. Here's the 10 cent version: My computer died before the Rookie Challenge on Friday night, which basically ruined my weekend (and my planned blog updates). But during halftime, while I was using a borrowed computer, I needed to use the facilities at the Pepsi Center. The bathrooms in bowels of the arena were a little overwhelmed, so there was a line out the door. So I wait my turn and when I'm, ahem, ready to step up to the plate, here comes Cedric the Entertainer in top and tails from his courtside seat. Then dude cuts me off at the pass. Seriously, I got big-timed at the john, bypassed at the head, etc.. I should've been like "Ced, man, you can't do me like that." But I took it like a fool. But I did hear a story from ol' buddy Bob Finnan that some waiter spilled a tray of wine on Star Jones and her new hubby lit the poor kid up for it.

"I am no NBA expert or analysis and don't try to be. This is something that has been bothering me for sometime and finally after watching this embarrassing Indiana game, I'm forced to write you. Why have I not once heard anyone bring up what, to me, is a very obvious issue. Zydrunas Ilgauskas is one of the clumsiest players...ever. Am I missing something? Is it expected for a 7'3'' center to constantly mishandle, trip, fall, flub and generally goof it up?" --Travis Ellis.

BW: My answer would be, you try being 7-3 and see how you do. Yes, Z is a lightweight and he hits the floor and awful lot. Part of the reason is that he doesn't have much bulk, therefore he gets knocked around. Another is that
he really tries to get players off their feet so he can get fouls and gets hit a lot. He is probably the best 7-foot free-throw shooter in the NBA, so he wants to get to the line. The other day he went 17-of-19 at the line. I think it is just a part of Z being Z.

"What I want to know is what would do if you where the GM? Who would be expendable and to what ends would you have gone to get another shooter by yesterday?" --George "Chip" Thayer

BW: I thought the Cavs did well yesterday, I think Welsch is a credible shooter and they didn't give up any bodies to get him. No, they didn't land Chris Webber. But their thought process was not to take on big contracts. Of course Welsch got hurt tonight, so who knows? By the way, Jiri was on my flight this morning and I found him to be a nice guy. We'll see if he can play.

""I couldn't help but wonder as I watched Lebron rack up steals against Chicago, has a player ever recorded a 'quadruple' double. Is it even remotely possible? Could it happen once in Lebron's career?" --Sean

BW: They didn't start keeping half of these stats until the '60s and '70s, so maybe it has happened, but honestly I don't know. It is possible LeBron could do it, but I'd bet against it. Once in grade school, I had a triple-double. 10 turnovers, 10 missed field goals, and 10 missed free-throws.

"I realize that you watch the Cavs from a courtside vantage point. However, I and many others see most games on TV. Do you have any idea why Spite, Nike, Bubblicious, etc. don't air their LeBron commercials during Cavs' games? I think a Sprite one was aired once during a national game on TNT. Instead we have to endure endless repeats of the same Alltel shlock and Michael Stanley hawking cars. Sure seems to me that CAVS GAMES would be a good opportunity to air some cool LeBron commercials. Any thoughts?" --Annette Webb, Wadsworth

BW: I guess those are all national campaigns and we're podunk local. I wear adidas shoes because they treated me the best when I was covering LeBron's shoe contract wars. Even know and then, LeBron rips me for it. So that's fun. Incidently, before tonight's game he made a comment about my pants. They're Dockers khakis, thank you, Bronny.

"Add me to your posse, yo...Could I suggest a blog topic? Could you spend a few bandwith on the Cavaliers and the salary situation for next year?" --Heath Florkey, Dayton

BW: As of this moment, the Cavs have about $26 million committed for next season. LeBron will make $4.6, Eric Snow $5.4, Drew Gooden will get $4 million. Those are the biggies. The team will have around $18-$20 million in cap space. You have to figure at least $10 mill will be spent on Z. So that will leave $8-$10 to sign a shooting guard. They can go over the cap to sign Jeff McInnis, but it is complicated, which it why they may not do it. For the lastest on Michael Redd, read this.

OK, that's enough for now, it's 1:50 a.m and time for bed. I'll check back in after the weekend after I travel to beautiful New Jersey (insert gagging sound). If you have more questions, keep them short and hit me at

Take care,

p.s. Thanks to Chuck Thomas and Michele Grimm, both of whom wrote me with music suggestions. Believe it or not, both suggested "The Killers." As soon as I get my computer set up, I'll be checking them out.