Monday, February 14, 2005

Nothing like a Lithuanian cheese wheel to brighten your day

I have returned to blogland by demand. This is after I replied to literally a 100 or so e-mails I was back-logged on in the last 90 minutes. Why? Because I'm at home alone on Valentine's Day.

Putting on my thinking cap, I am now going to predict the Cavaliers will finish the season with a record of...47-35!

Can someone, anyone, remind me of what the Akron Beacon Journal's Brian Windhorst predicted the Cavaliers' season record would be back in November? Anyone? Oh, 47-35. Not bad, eh!

How did a come to this conclusion? I thought you'd ask.

After win over Lakers, the Cavaliers are 29-20 and have 33 games remaining, 17 at home and 16 on the road. They are currently 19-5 at home and 10-15 on the road. Of the remaining home opponents, seven have winning records. Of the remaining road opponents, five currently have winning records. This, of course, can change.

I am predicting the Cavaliers will finish the season 32-9 at home and 15-26 on the road. This is based on a complex formula of looking at back-to-back scenarios and potential tough stretches with an upset margin of error either way. Call me a fool, but I'm a realist.

Oh, a late entry reveals I picked Cavs to go 45-37. Blast!

Sights and sounds over the last 10 days:
-Fan at Gund Arena tries to hand Zydrunas Ilgauskas a hunk of cheese as he walks off the floor after win over Raptors. Z declines.
-Sasha Pavlovic sweats after talking with PlayBoy Playmate Carmella DeCesare at a bar, it winds up in a gossip column and his girlfriend reads it on the Internet. On the other hand, I was forced to go to PlayBoy's website for business purposes and background information.
-LeBron James tells me he's tired of seeing me wear addias shoes. I went out and bought new triple stripes in response.
-I lose $$ when I bet assistant coach Stephen Silas would beat advance scout Wes Wilcox in a game of horse.
-Gloria James approaches me after a game to ask me to stop writing negative stories...doesn't rip my shoes.
-Jeff McInnis pouts and complains about officials after North Carolina's 71-70 loss at Duke.
-Jeff McInnis cheers and lauds officials after Maryland beats Duke.
-I create the DGI.

For more fun, check out my midseason grades. And have reactions like this:

"I just finished reading your midseason grades. What's the deal with the two "D-" grades? It's a cop-out. I know grade inflation is the big thing these days, but come on. If DeSagana Diop deserves a D-, then Paris Hilton deserves a Pulitzer Prize." -Alan Tucker.

More reader reax:

"You have a front row seat for a traveling carnival." -Rick, Ashtabula.

"When Anderson "Wild Thing" Varejao comes back I think they should play the Tone Loc version of Wild Thing when he scores! Get on the horn and call your friends at the Gund and have them get rid of the oldies version. With those over-hyped break dancers running around it just doesn't’t fit in with the theme at Gund Arena. I know this may be a moot point for the next six weeks, but it has been eating at me ever since I went to my last game." -Bob Strausser, Akron.

"I saw you get cake on your face when you had your birthday. Maybe you should've had the salad, not the meat." -Frank, Mentor.
BW: Thanks, man, can you pass the potatoes?

"For as many mistakes as you make in the paper, you're lucky you get paid." -Tim, Ravenna

"Hey, why don't the Cavaliers wear the old wine jerseys, they're just as cool as the gold ones?" -Mary Spencer, L.A.
BW: In the works for next year, I hear.

"Your blog cracks me up, you can't be this funny in real life." -Geoff, Columbia (S.C.)
BW: My roommate thinks my habits are a joke.

"You blog is a hit in the U.K., made several new Cavs fans in my office." -Percy, London.
BW: Well, if "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" can go to England, so can I!

"Brian, get back to doing REAL work!" -My boss.

OK, keep the feedback coming,

I'll be blogging from All-Star Weekend! What an overrated bore!