Thursday, February 24, 2005

Not to toot my own horn, but...

I believe this was posted at 9:55 a.m:

"Now the trading deadline is just a few hours away and to be honest, the guy I think the Cavaliers should try to get is Boston shooting guard Jiri Welsch."

Well, well, well, I might know something about the NBA after all. Cavaliers traded their 2007 first-round pick to get Welsch this morning, though I didn't find out about it until about an hour after a posted my blog. Honest!

I've liked Welsch for the last two years, probably because I've seen him just kill the Cavaliers in person. His 3-point shooting is down this year and so is his scoring because the Celtics have a rookie named Tony Allen they've been playing ahead of Welsch. I think he's a quality shooter that can help the team. Honestly, though, I said the same thing about Luke Jackson and Lucious Harris and neither panned out.

There's only about another half hour until the deadline, but I hear the Cavs are trying to move one of their umpteen wing players. They now have LeBron James, Harris, Jackson, Dajuan Wagner, Sasha Pavlovic, Ira Newble and Welsch and they all basically play the same position.

Will check back in soon!