Thursday, February 24, 2005

I've returned....with no bandwidth

I'm limping back into cyberspace with great appologies. I'm still operating with a laptop that is not from this century. It's a trusty-looking thing, but it just doesn't have what ya need. In Cavaliers terms, Zydrunas Ilgauskas is hurt and I'm going with Scott Williams as a starter.

If you know me, you know the tale of what happened is coming in great detail, but first let's discuss the Cavaliers as is, alas, the true purpose of this site.

I have the following obversations after last night's 100-91 victory over the Bulls:

--Zydrunas Ilgauskas is in his prime. This is slightly dangerous because he's going to get a contract that reflects it and, of course, at the end of that contract he won't be in his prime.
--Paul Silas can't be so stubborn with his bench players. Angry about their play last week in Minnesota and early in the game Wednesday, Silas barely used the bench. He played Eric Snow only three minutes. That simply cannot work in the long run.
--Want to have a little fun? Observe the little chess match going on between Silas and general manager Jim Paxson over 10-day contract man James Thomas. Silas really wanted Jerome Moiso to be signed for the rest of the season, but Paxson said no and Moiso was released. Thomas is Paxson's selection, while Moiso's was Silas'. So now watch Thomas not play for the next eight days.
--The Cavaliers and Bulls have the stage set for a heated rivalry. Not only are they young and loaded and, along with the Washington Wizards in my opinion, the future of the Eastern Conference, but the two teams have little vendettas going. Eddy Curry and Ilgauskas have a thing, especially after Curry ripped Z and said he should've made the All-Star team instead. Notice Z had 33 points to Curry's 12 last night. In addition, LeBron James hates the Bulls Andres Noiconi. He won't say why, but I believe it goes back to the Olympics when Noiconi played for Argentina. He has a reputation as a dirty player and he must've done something to James because LeBron has been pushing and shoving him since the preseason game with the Bulls in St. Louis way back in October.
--I know all of you have been bombarding me with e-mail about Michael Redd, but I really don't think it is going to happen. Now the trading deadline is just a few hours away and to be honest, the guy I think the Cavaliers should try to get is Boston shooting guard Jiri Welsch. I know Redd is a perfect fit, but I simply don't see a trade like that happening right now. Welsch is available and a very good shooter.
--Drew Gooden was wearing black diamond earings after the game Wednesday. I mean, who is this guy, Ozzy Osbourne. I told Drew that Kobe Bryant was wearing blue diamond earings at the All-Star Game press conference last week in Denver. His response: "Oh, blue, those are tight." Indeed!

OK, I'll be back later to regale all of you with my weekend mess, including my run-in with Cedric the Entertainer, but I have to attend practice at this juncture. Now, you know you'll be rewarded for checking back!

Until then, though, check out the great notes I had in last Sunday's column, my story today about Dan Gilbert's impending ownership, and the crazy stuff I saw at Niketown in Denver.