Thursday, February 17, 2005

All-Star Weekend here I come

Minneapolis--It's 15 degrees here in Minnie, I'm groggy from a 5 a.m. wake up to catch a plane after the Cavs home win over Atlanta last night, and there's another 7 a.m. flight scheduled for tomorrow. Yet, here I am updating the Blog. What a trooper...with no life!

Anyway, if you're looking for bonus coverage of All-Star Weekend in Denver, where I'm headed tomorrow, this is the spot. First, of course, check out tomorrow's Akron Beacon Journal special section on LeBron's first All-Star Game and all my print coverage.

But for all the behind the scenes action -- well, not all of it, I haven't yet secured an invite to Nelly's or Carmelo's parties -- but for the flavor only a brilliant and witty mind like mine can provide, check here throughout All-Star Weekend.

I've sworn a blood oath to update the blog daily through the weekend -- barring any unforeseen better offers, you know that stuff about the Rocky Mountain High -- and you can marvel at just how uninteresting the All-Star Game is...until I spice it up!

Take care,
Brian, aka

p.s. Anyone notice DD (DeSagana Diop) got 15 minutes of action last night? Could've it have been his comments to me last week or something else.

p.p.s. A new feature I'd like to start here is a little music section. I usually listen to tunes when I blog and my wacky taste -- from rap to classical -- is ledgendary. Currently, I'm rolling to "Get down on it" from Kool & the Gang. Got some better tracks? My Napster service will hook me up, so let's hear it at the above e-mail address.