Sunday, January 16, 2005

The sights and sounds of SLC

Salt Lake -- Been a weird three days here in beautiful SLC, which included perhaps the strangest Cavs game of the season last night, when they beat the Jazz 84-71.

The following occurred within my bizarre little world:

--Saw two guys in their mid 20s laying on their backs on the grass in a downtown park smoking joints in broad daylight.
--During a nice little chat, old friend Carlos Boozer accuses me of inciting Cavaliers fans to hate him with my articles. Well, check this one out, Boozy. I guess he's still pissed at me about this one from July .
--Didn't get invited to dinner at Boozer's house.
--Didn't get invited to dinner with coaches at Fleming's Steakhouse.
--Didn't get invited to dinner with players at Benihana.
--Settled for dinner with the mayor at a downtown bistro...well, he was at the next table.
--Complimented Jazz coach Jerry Sloan on his John Deere hat, which he said he's had for 15 years.
--Jazz center Curtis Borchert compliments my Stanford hat and asks me if I went there. I tell him no, I went to the Stanford of the Midwest...Kent State.
--Fan at Delta Center drops a loud f-bomb at Eric Snow when he checks in during the fourth quarter. A stunned Snow turns around and says "I didn't think you guys said that here."
--Leaving lobby at hotel where Cavaliers and I are staying, a fan sees my NBA media pass and asks for my autograph. I blush and say, give me $10.
--Laughed hysterically watching Jeff McInnis twist in the wind and dance all around the locker room while watching his beloved Steelers in overtime before the game.
--Nearly came to tears when McInnis, laying flat on the floor in anticipation of winning field goal attempt, had his view blocked by an oblivious Sasha Pavlovic.
--McInnis then goes out and badly misses more field goals that Doug Brien...but still scores 24 points in win.
--Coach Paul Silas nearly loses voice after giving Cavs halftime screamdown for playing like zombies for the first 24 minutes.

Well, I'm off to Seattle. Oh, luggage update for those of you following: didn't make it so well from L.A., one wheel is about to fall off. I predict this suitcase isn't coming home with me.

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