Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My spurs a jingle, jangle, jingle...

So in the last few days I've gotten about six e-mails and calls from both mom and dad offering solutions to my torn suitcase (see below). OK, OK, OK, it's a small tear, I was just aiming for sympathy. I'll be fine.

Currently preparing for Wagon's West by packing, blogging and mining Napster for all songs called "California." Um, there's like a 100 of them. And I'm not talking about songs like Hotel California or the one I've got now, the Chili Peppers' Californication. Just songs called California. There's even on from someone/thing named Dressy Bessy. Though I can't exactly agree with Joni Mitchell's version when she says "Gonna see the friends I dig, maybe even kiss a sunset pig."

More likely, when I return from the six-game, 12-day ride, I'll be humming Jackson Browne's Running on Empty.

So, with that, here's my short, incremental thoughts on the Cavaliers. Oh yeah, them. Well, they've won four straight and six of seven after beating those Bobcats. Not a bad run when preparing for the impending onslaught. Here we go:

--Eric Snow is amazing at breaking up 1-on-2 breaks. Like, when he's defending and two guys are rushing at him. He messed two up last night and has probably done so maybe 10 or 12 times this season.
--Robert Traylor's finger is still bothering him, he came back too soon and is playing through pain but doesn't complain.
--Has anyone noticed LeBron has 16 turnovers in the last two games?
--When Drew Gooden skips, he's ready to play. It usually happens after he's been benched, like last night. He'll literally come into the game skipping. He skipped in the fourth quarter, scored nine points and the Cavs won.
--I like referring to Zydrunas Ilgauskas as simply "the giant Lithuanian." Is that wrong?
--Jeff McInnis got his braids redone before last night's game and they looked really, really, tight, much more than usual. Then he went 4-of-15. Coincidence?
--I'm developing a Saturday morning cartoon series based on the lives of Anderson Varejao and Sasha Pavlovic. The working title is Wild Thing and the Angry Motenegran. Hey, the Harlem Globetrotters made basketball cool on Scooby Doo. Seriously, Sasha doesn't smile. Anderson doesn't frown.
--Speaking of the Wild Thing. When the Cavs traded for him, his last name was pronounced Vare-ra-jow. Then it was Vare-ra-joe. All season it's been Vare-ra-jean. Now he says we're all messing it up, it's something like Vare-ra-jaa. As Annie Savoy said to Ebby Calvin LaLoosh in Bull Durham, "Honey, you need a nickname." Wild Thing lives!
--Ira Newble only makes jump shots from the baseline.
--Scott Williams misses his wife back in Phoenix. The other day, he grabbed trainer Max Benton's butt during a timeout.
--Luke Jackson is miserable and not just because his back hurts him a great deal. He feels like he's let a lot of people down this season, especially his own high standards.
--I'm starting to wonder if the doctors know more than they're willing to tell us about what's caused all of Dajuan Wagner's illnesses.
--Lucious Harris shoots his jumper with his hand totally under the ball instead of behind it. I mean I can't make granny shots, so it's not like I know, but I'm just saying.
--DeSagana Diop has resigned himself that it's over for him in Cleveland. But he's still smiling, maybe it's because it getting almost $30,000 a game.
--Strength and conditioning coach Stan Kellers and assistant coach Kenny Natt are more ripped than just about every Cavs player. Stan could probably kick some tail, except he's like, 5-foot-6. But, he could surely handle me so I should shut up.
--Paul Silas should wear pink more, he can pull it off.

OK, I'm rambling now and I'm on Phantom Planet's California. All The O.C. fans know what I'm talking about. Speak to you all again from the Wild West. Until then, you can get me at

Take care,