Monday, December 27, 2004

Time to be the bully

I've been speaking with some high-ranking NBA officials just to verify the Cavs win over the New Orleans Hornets Sunday officially counts in the standings. Apparently, it does, even though I'm fairly certain the Hornets aren't really an NBA team.

I mean, no offense to Matt Freije, I know he had a great career at Vandy, but this dude isn't a starter in the NBA. And Corsley Edwards? I'm not a director of player of personnel, but I think I'm pretty familiar with the rosters of every NBA team and even I did a double take when ol' Corsley checked in. I'd never heard of him.

That's OK, though, I might be caught off guard tomorrow night in Atlanta with the state of the Hawks' roster.

So what's my point, here?

It wasn't too long ago Yogi Stewart, who's a great guy and family man, by the way, Tierre Brown, Smush Parker and Milt Palacio were lacing up for the Cavaliers every night out there. And you know what other teams did to that outfit? They beat the living heck out of them!

So with the Hornets down and two games with the Hawks, two with the Bobcats and home games with .500 floaters New York and Houston upcoming, the Cavaliers dearly need to be the bully now and pump up their record.

Since erasing that 0-3 start by winning nine of 10 games last month, the club's been spinning its wheels. Going anything less than 4-2 in this stretch, 5-1 is more like it, to get their record to 20-13 or 21-12, may prove costly.

Let me just tell you that six-game West Coast trip next month will be unpleasant and just about that time Indiana and Detroit should be finding their midseason stride. Getting these victories against the weak teams will be invaluable in March and April when everyone is jockeying for playoff position.

In closing, let me thank all that have e-mailed me ( ) with sympathy or just laughter about my travels back from New Jersey last week (see below for a good time). Some have even written with travel tips.

Thanks for caring, I care about all of you (in the platonic, writer/blogger-to-reader sense, mind you).

And for the latest update, I'm writing this while being stalled at Hopkins airport. My flight to Atlanta is delayed and there's an irate child screaming five feet to my right (us quasi-adults all wish we could, too). And by the looks of him and the timbre of his song, I think's his vocal cords have some stamina...this could be another long day.

Take care all,

p.s. One more thing, if any of you watched the game Sunday, I hope you saw the pass LeBron James threw to Ira Newble in the first half. LBJ came out of a spin move and threw a no-look pass through two defenders that hit Ira right in the gut...he didn't even see it coming and why would he, it was impossible. I think it's safe to safe LeBron would have been more successful throwing into triple coverage than Luke McCown, though Lukey seems to be giving the ol' college try whenever possible.

OK, that's all, honestly.