Sunday, December 05, 2004

On Sunday, everyone rested

It's been a long week for the Cavaliers and for me, four games in six days in three time zones. I was dragging Saturday night when I wrote my game story on the Cavaliers' 105-97 win over Toronto. And all I do is write, I'm not running up and down the floor.

Here's the week that was:

Sunday--Flew to Los Angeles. Why do they ask to see your ticket like 75 times at the airport yet they have just one guy in glasses staring at the X-ray screen? I feel the urge to tell them that the terrorists all had tickets, too. Went to dinner at restaurant where Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Cavs folks -- PR flaks Garin Narain and Amanda Mercado and video coordinator Betsy McAllister were eating. When big Z opened his wallet to pay for his meal, I saw bats fly out (yes, yes, I know he makes $14.6 million, but he has a rep for being a little tight).

Monday--From the moment I saw the team at shootaround in the morning, I noticed their energy level was down. This happens when people travel to the West Coast, even teams that have won nine of 10 games. It carried over to that evening when the Clippers started hot and the Cavaliers never recovered. With 2:40 seconds to play, DeSagana Diop takes a 3-pointer, which may've been a final straw. He's played just five minutes in the three games since.

Tuesday--Took early morning flight to Phoenix. While checking e-mail at airport, I learned Butch Davis had quit, realized NE Ohio sports fans wouldn't care what I had to write about the Cavs on this off day. Went to practice at America West Arena, where it was so cold that the Cavs worked out in sweats. Watched World Series of Poker reruns on ESPN2 rest of day (don't tell boss).

Wednesday--Suns guard Steve Nash flicks off the Cavs bench before the tip. I realize this is a bad sign. Cavs then start to run up and down the floor with Suns in their house. Worse sign. Suns hit first five shots of second half, good night now. After the game I see LeBron James agent, Aaron Goodwin, who is wearing a $2,000 suit with LeBron's Nike logo sewn into the collar. Appropriate, I think, LBJ probably paid for it.

Thursday--Went to Denver, where it was 18 degrees. My winter coat was in the closet in Cleveland. Nice, eh? I write on blog (see below) that Cavs will get beat. Then I tell audience on WKNR the same thing. 45 minutes before the game, there are 10 Cavaliers out on the floor shooting and only one Nugget. Cavs start 25-of-40 from the floor, the Nuggets start 5-of-31. Coincidence? Game is never close, I have egg on face.

Friday--Answer snotty e-mails about prediction, work on Sunday column and chill with friends in Denver (boss steams, again).

Saturday--Return to Cleveland dragging tail. Go right from airport to Gund Arena (still without winter coat, mind you) where I find out Vince Carter got bad chicken wings at the Ritz-Carlton at 2 a.m. and is out. Should've gone to the Winking Lizard down the street, I guess. Jeff McInnis has the flu and was too sick to have his hair rebraided after he pulled it out (no, it wasn't a fashion statement), but he's the first player on the floor shooting at 5:15. Before the game, Paul Silas says the Cavaliers (and their beat writers) will be off on Sunday. I give him a high-five. Cavaliers decide to take off a little early, after getting up 23 points, they nearly let Toronto back in it. But another massive LeBron dunk saves the day.

Between us, LBJ's dunk was the probably the best of the season because of the consequence, but I already made a big deal about the one in Charlotte (see below) that I couldn't really come over the top too much.

Sunday--Fell asleep watching riveting Browns-Pats game. Fish out winter coat. Take out trash. Blog. What else is there in life?

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