Thursday, December 02, 2004

"Hold your water, yo"

Denver -- As the national anthem was wrapping up last night in Phoenix, where the supernovic Suns slapped the Cavaliers 120-101, Paul Silas delivered the line of the night.

Referring to the rendition of the theme, which seemed like it took five minutes, Silas leaned down to me at the scorer's table and said:

"Like the kids say: That was brutal, yo!"

He should've saved that line for after the game.

Right now the Suns are the best team in the NBA and they just happened to play their best half of the season against the Cavaliers turning a close game into a rout.

Now, I could sit here and go over what happened and what not -- like perhaps it wasn't such a great idea to run with the Suns and maybe a slowdown game might've worked -- but witnessing it firsthand, I can tell you that no team in the NBA would've beat Phoenix last night.

So after that nice little 9-4 start the Cavaliers have hit some rough road out here in the West. And as I write this at 2:46 p.m. Mountain Time from my hotel room here in snowy Denver, I'm predicting another hit on the chin against the streaking Nuggets tonight.

So here's where the words of my friend and mentor, Plain Dealer college writer Elton Alexander come into play. Whenever Elton sees a good team on a bad streak -- whether it be in a half, a game or a month -- he is fond of using the phrase "Hold Your Water."

This is a family blog, so if you don't get it, let's just say the point is don't get too rattled over something that you need a new pair of underwear.

This, I believe is the advice Silas will be giving his young Cavaliers after they return from this trip. Next week another three-game road trip awaits with a stop in San Antonio, where they haven't won since before Al Gore invented the Internet. So fans should heed the same advice at this juncture.
The Cavaliers indeed have been hot and right now they're not and the immediate future may spell more losses. They are currently in the midst of playing six of nine on the road and five of them in the West.

But if they can maintain some good play, and take advantage of their upcoming home games, the second half of December presents a very manageable schedule and a chance to make up some lost ground.

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