Friday, November 12, 2004

Welcome to the Blog

Hello Cavaliers fans, avid Akron Beacon Journal and readers, the bored, and the angry. Some of you may be familiar with the e-mail newsletters my cohorts at the ABJ Terry Pluto and Patrick McManamon have done in the past. Well, this a newer, I hope more cutting edge way to get inside Cavaliers information that you can't get anywhere else.

For starters, my name is Brian Windhorst and simply, I go where the Cavaliers go. I'm at every practice, every game, every day. While my daily stories, notebooks and Sunday columns in the Beacon Journal will provide plenty of news, stats and analysis, this is a forum for information that goes deeper, above and beyond.

I'm going to be more informal and personal here, allowing you to get to know the Cavaliers players, coaches and staff better than conventional newspaper stories allow. From LeBron James to Luke Jackson, from Paul Silas to Stan Kellers (Who's that? Well you'll find out).

I hope you like it and will check back often, I plan on posting every few days or maybe more. Please send feedback at, your questions and comments will become a part of the blog.

Take care all,