Thursday, November 25, 2004

Giving thanks for LeBron

Boston -- Though this may draw a hearty guffaw, those of us in the media really try not to dote. What I mean is, we really don't like to dole out heapings of praise on anyone. Heapings of criticism, sure, but it usually you feel a little queasy extolling a pro athlete to outrageous means because, well, because of Kobe Bryant for example.

That said, it is becoming more challenging by the day to document LeBron James this early in the season. Just on this blog alone in the last few weeks, I've gone on and on. I'm doing it in print as well, as you can read in my game story from Wednesday's 92-76 win over the Pistons. But after seeing him put up 43 points on just 22 shots -- I mean, I remember games when Allen Iverson scored 22 points on like 43 shots -- it makes you dig deeper to relate what you've witnessed.

A beat writer must do everything with totality in mind, which means you have to remember that what your writing today has to be put in tomorrow's perspective. That's a fuzzy explanation, I know, but it basically means you have to be careful ripping a player, especially one who reads your stories, and many do, who could be going crazy in two weeks. And vice versa. In addition, we're still in November and one must remember the dancing doesn't come until May and June.

Yet I find myself constantly seeing new levels from LeBron and being compelled to discuss them, even if it dangers on losing the reader. His performance so far thus season has been unprecedented, which of course comes after his unprecedented rookie season.

So, the deeply buried point: Please excuse we who wax on LeBron. It may become tiresome at times, indeed, but no more tiresome than seeing him continue to post power performances.

--Check out my version of LeBron's To Do List this week, might make you laugh. Might make you pity me further.
--Anyone notice the irony of LeBron exiting the game with two minutes to play, signaling the end of the game, was the same time Larry Brown brought Darko Milicic into the game?
--Luke Jackson may not have an NBA body yet and still has to work on his game, but I believe you'll start seeing him get more playing time.

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