Monday, November 29, 2004

Chillin' in LA...seriously

Los Angeles -- Sorry I haven't written in a few days, it has been busy following the Cavaliers. But not as sorry as I am about the weather here in SoCal, where the high is in the 50s and the locals are wearing hats and gloves...though as a hearty Midwesterner I scoff at them.

Heading into tonight's game with Los Clippers, the Cavaliers have put together quite an impressive little November, their best in more than 10 years in fact.

Here's some of the "best ofs" thus far, in my humblest opinion:

Best game: Cavs 114, Suns 109. LeBron scores 19 points in the fourth quarter. Big Z drains 3-pointer to send it to overtime. Carried the Cavs to six straight wins.

Best dunk: C'mon, scroll down, LBJ reigning over Steve Smith in Charlotte.

Best pass: Ilgauskas' no-look, over the head, behind the back, dish to Rob Traylor in the fourth quarter in win over Bulls last Saturday night. Had Tractor finished instead of being fouled, it would've been in SportCenter's Top 10.

Best quote: Boston's Gary Payton to Paul Pierce, trying to call him down before talking to the media after loss to Cavs: "PP, let me holla at you for a hot second." As Bania said to Seinfeld, "That's gold." One wonders if one of Ron Artest's teammates at started a sentence "AT, let me holla..." while he was laying on that scorer's table in Detroit, the NBA might not be in this mess.

Best performance: LBJ going off for 43 on 15-of-22 shooting in a payback game on Larry Brown and the Pistons last week. For the background, check out my Sunday Column.

Biggest surprise: Just how darn good LeBron has been thus far. Read on for more details. That and Jeff McInnis, who is having a career year in a contract year. OK, I guess this technically isn't a "best of."

That's all for now. Feel free to hit me up with some of your Best Ofs or just holla at me for a hot second at

For more award-losing content, check out my game stories from Cavaliers' victories over the Celtics and the Bulls from last weekend.

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